How can I increase the organic search traffic to my site?

How can I increase the organic search traffic to my site?

Increasing blog traffic is the dream of anyone running a website. High blog traffic can not only help your blog grow, but can also increase your revenue and get you more customers.

Building a blog takes time. And so does getting traffic to it. There are many strategies and methods online to get traffic to a website.

Some proven methods of increasing blog traffic are:

1. If your website’s home page doesn’t looking extraordinary then visitor not taking interest to see your products and services. So first Design your landing page that much attractive so can visitor becomes your customer.

2. Then after first of all your website will looking Realistic with the all google guidelines. Your site must be error free and have good SEO. Be care of website speed.

3. Content is the king. Web Content always matter to your business So your website must have highly creative content to engage customers.

4. If your website still not have blog section then take it seriously and enlarge your website with blog in priority basis. Add Blog section to your website with the best content to boost your traffic. Try to Add up Provocative content in the blog.

5. Whenever you post the blog on the website don’t forget to put internal linking. Internal links are most vital part of the SEO and it's also useful for both visitors as well as search engines. Internal linking interconnect the other pages of the website so that its not navigate to other site.

6. Start contributing your Guest post idea to well known blog sites who have more traffic than you have. Also Take care of page authority and Domain authority while you go for a guest post.

7. Whenever you contribute guest post or add blog to your site, you must have to care about the choosing the correct keyword. If you use perfect keyword with seo rules, its definitely impact on your website traffic.

8. Start Accepting guest post on your website. When well-known blogger or contributor taking interest in your blog to contribute their ideas then

9. Never underestimate the Power of social media. Yes, Social media will grow up your business that much which You might not have thought more than that. Share your blog posts, advertisement, your website news on social media with impressive content and images, it will surely level up your traffic. You can use social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and many others.

10. Every social media have their own communities or you may say groups where you can share your ideas, just you have to become member of that groups. They have many groups with the different-different category.

11. Try to add infographic in your blog post. Infographic is the graphical/visual representations of your information and data. You can represent your thoughts visually with the infographic.

12. Adding vlog in website will become your flawless decision for your website. Vlog aka video blogging. You can record your thoughts, opinions, and experience in a film and share it in blog. You can also share that video on video channels, that will also helpful for your site.

13. Share your ideas with compliments for blogger’s content via Blog commenting on other websites. There are many websites who have comment section after the article, you can share your comment in comment section. Some sites allows your blog link or your site link in the comment. Let’s take a benefits from this technique too.

14. You are adding internal as well as external links in your website. But sometime it happens that those links are not working properly. Remove bad links from the website as soon as possible. Bad links can be lethal for your website.

15. Add inspiration lines in your website that will Encourage your readers to link in their website.If your readers put your site link in their site, it helps to increase your site traffic.

16. Forum posting is the one of the best option of content marketing. Find relevant questions from the forum sites, and write your opinion on that topic and update your answer in that particular thread. You can add your website link in the post.

17. Old is Gold! Repost your old blog link on a daily basis that will assist to your increase website traffic.

18. As in trending, Email marketing is the best marketing methods among all the marketing tricks. Collect your customers emails and make a list and then once you have a email list you just have to send your recent posts via email to your customer. So that they can take interest to read your post.

19. You can get email list through many options. But you can add subscription box on your website so can visitor add their mail in that box and you will get email id. You can pop up the subscription box on site while visitor scrolling up your site.

20. Last but not least, you can share your posts on community sites like inbound, growthhackers, You can also submit your articles into article submission directory sites.

There are so many ways to increase organic traffic to your website but among them I try to list out some for you. I hope you can go with these amazing tricks and boost your website traffic.

After all, Increasing blog traffic is the dream of every marketer.

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Best to have a professional design.


Best to have a professional design.

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