Over recent decades, India has experienced rapid economic growth and a related sharp increase in its rate of urbanisation. The speed of this transition, along with the sheer size of India’s population, has resulted in India being an increasingly significant driver of global growth and mineral resource demand over the past decade. The recently conducted studies by the bureau of mines shows that the nature and extent of land use conflicts and environmental damages(like subsidence, water pollution, air pollution, burning and non-burning coal refuse banks, mine fires, and reclamation) resulting from mineral industry activities are became a challenges.

We at NEKSS provide comprehensive range of mining services and solutions to government and private enterprises.We have a group of diversified experienced leaders from all fields of mining consultancy works to provide innovative scientific solutions to our various clients by addressing the natural resource management.

Our key areas include:

  Creation, conversion, and management of geosciences data

  Georeferencing, Digitization,

  Satellite image processing& Classification

  Topographical mapping (Field/Satellite based)

  Geological thematic and mineral mapping

  Landuse & landcover

  Feasibility and Resource reporting

  Socio-economic studies

  Geological database creation and Resource Information System