Computational Modeling & Risk Analytics

We have extensive experience in handing open source and commercial software/models in different media of earth surface like air, surface water, soil and groundwater. At NEKSS, we manage various projects through modeling, simulation and visualisation techniques utilising a wide array of software. Moreover we devlop site specific/customised models to predict the future risk and assess potential losses from anthropogenic and natural hazards.

We provide end to end modeling services starting from risk identification upto simulation and final risk characterization. We offer modeling services using black box models (deterministic/probabilistic mathematical models) to conceptual/physical based distributed models based on historical data, physical processes of earth surface, and conditions of the target area.

NEKSS has a team of highly experienced modellers with multi-discipline specializations like agriculture, water, and environment. We offer support for simulation, predictive analysis including spatial & temporal analysis, preparation of detailed project report as per the client’s interest.

Computational Modeling and Risk Analytics Services offered by NEKSS include:

Surface water modeling

Groundwater modeling

Soil Modeling

Air modeling

Watershed mangement

Environmental Impact Assessments

Flood modeling

Flood management and forecasting

Crop yield modeling


Water quality

Enviromental modeling

Information Technology

NEKSS focuses on end to end offerings in Information technology services. NEKSS has vast experience in offering IT & software consulting. Our consultants conduct a detailed analysis of the customer business model to offer value added insights such as cost benefit analysis of using various technologies. These technology services try to remove barriers and connect resources, by ensuring optimum utilization of their infrastructure and accelerate their transformation journey.

We at NEKSS provided IT consulting services to various local, state, and central government agencies; from small industries to big enterprises. We focus on either building client specific solutions or to take over the maintenance and support of the client’s existing applications.

IT Services offered by NEKSS include:

Web Application

Mobile application

Application Maintenance and Support

Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Digital marketing

Automation services

Engineering Design

We at NEKSS provide specialised comprehensive range of engineering design services ranging from planning through preliminary investigation to detailed design to start-up and commission all types of project. We provide reliable sustainable and cost efficient engineering solutions for all types of projects related to water, agriculture, natural resource and other environmental related issues for small industries to big Enterprises. NEKSS has a group of diversified experienced leaders and researchers to unlock the right innovative feasible scientific solutions.

Engineering Design Services offered by NEKSS include:

Design of STPs

Design of ETPs

Design of CETPs

Auto CAD/CAM design

ProE/Solid Works/CATIA V5

Computer aided facility management (CAFM)

Micro-Irrigation Design

Irrigation network/canal design

Reservoir/Pond Design

Geo-technical designs

Geographic Information System(GIS)

NEKSS provides a wide range of digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultancy services to its clients all over the world. NEKSS help its clients to better understand and gain benefit from the geographic information. The GIS services provided by NEKSS allow for creating, updating and visualizing of geographic data-sets, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. We have a team of professionals experts equipped with state-of-the-art GIS workstations, software and Photogrammetric mapping suites

We have multi domain expertise of working with coarse to very high resolution satellite imagery. The GIS services include data conversion, processing, interpretation and analysis allow data from different sources. NEKSS assist various industries such as agriculture, water, forestry, utility, petroleum, gas, mining and geology, etc.

GIS Services offered by NEKSS include:


Digitisation and Mapping

Spatial Data management

Remote Sensing


GIS application development

Mobile GIS application development

Development of custom geospatial databases

Development of spatial information systems

Enterprise GIS solutions

Web GIS application development

GIS Integration

Instrument Calibration

We provide calibration of mechanical, thermal and electro-technical instruments. Measuring instruments need regular calibration of the parameters in order to ensure correct measurement values. We provide calibration and testing for various ranges of pressure gauges, temperature gauges, ammeter, voltmeter, multimeter, conductivity meter, resistance bridge, frequency indicator, weighing instruments, pH indicator, volume burette, pipette, beaker etc.

Calibration Services offered by NEKSS include:





Installation of Hybrid Solar Panel


 A hybrid system brings the best of both worlds and is a combination of an on-grid and off-grid solar system.

 Hybrid systems have a battery backup which helps store the generated energy.

 What differentiates hybrid systems from off-grid systems is that, once the battery is fully charged, any excess power generated which is not being utilized will be fed back to the grid and the you will get suitably compensated.

 A hybrid system can also have other sources of energy producers, such as Diesel Generator (DG) or Wind coupled in the system.